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Premium Trout Fishery List:

These fisheries are only available to members paying the additional premium on top of the standard subscription. Fishing by upstream dry fly and nymph on rivers.

River Avon, Little Durnford.
Situated 2 miles north of Salisbury at the Village of Durnford in the Avon Valley within the confines of the Little Durnford Estate of Lord Chichester. Three miles of chalk stream fishing. A beat system of 22 beats ensures un-crowded fishing. Trickle stocking throughout the Season with brown trout. Dry Fly and Upstream Nymph.

River Avon, Lower Woodford.
A further 5 beats on the true right bank of the Avon upstream of Little Durnford offering un-inpeded casting onto a classic chalk river.

River Avon, West Amesbury.
Just over one mile of single ‘true right bank’ fishing and threequarters of a mile of ‘true left bank’ fishing situated 7 miles north of Salisbury in the Avon Valley. Stocked throughout the season and offering the added attraction of fly fishing for Grayling during late Autumn and Winter.

River Avon, Abbey Water.
An additional stretch of prime Avon water extending upstream of the West Amesbury Fishery.

River Avon Ratfyn Farm and Countess Fishery.
Prime stretch of Upper Avon comprising one mile of double bank and three quarters of a mile of single bank situated nine miles North of Salisbury.

River Avon ‘Stonehenge Fishery
Six hundred metres of preferred bank Trout and Grayling fishing on an attractive stretch of the Avon above our Countess fishery north of Amesbury.

River Wylye and Druids Fishery at Stapleford.
Three quarters of a mile of fine upstream dry fly and nymph fishing situated eight miles West of Salisbury in the Wylye Valley. This stretch again offers grayling fishing late Autumn and Winter with excellent fish being taken on both Dry Fly and Nymph.

River Wylye Fishery at the Village of Wylye.
A characteristic stretch of the Wylye with the same benefits as the Stapleford Fishery.

River Wylye at Kingston Deverill. Unstocked
This stretch of river right up near the source of the river west of Warminster. A very challenging but rewarding small wild trout fishery for the enthusiast.

River Nadder, Barford St Martin. Unstocked
A three rod stretch of the River Nadder situated six miles West of Salisbury off the A30. Upstream Nymph and Dry Fly.

River Nadder, Nadder Meadows Wilton.
Approximately threequarters of a mile of double bank fishing for four rods, situated off the A30 just outside the Wilton Town boundary.

River Nadder, Meadows ‘South’.
A length of ‘true right bank’ fishing opposite the ‘Nadder Meadows Fishery’.

River Nadder, Bull Bridge, Wilton.
About a nine hundred yard 3 rod fishery of small streams and carriers where the Nadder devides. Single and double bank fishing.

Upper Bourne Fishery
Four rods on classic ‘wild’ Trout fishery, also with good Grayling.

River Bourne, Hurdcott.
Quarter of a mile of challenging natural brook style fishing for wild fish on this famous Avon tributary situated four miles North East of Salisbury off the A338, producing remarkably good Trout and Grayling for those Members who relish this type of fishing.

Leominstead Lake, Emery Down, New Forest.
A Trout Lake of about  4 acres fishing  16 Rods. Stocked with rainbow trout, plus wild browns

Ratfyn Lake, Amesbury.
A small 7 rod lake adjacent to our Upper Avon Fishery. Stocked with Rainbow and Brown Trout. Dry Fly, Nymph Wet Fly and Lures of restricted size.

Note. All Premium Fisheries are stocked throughout the Season with Brown Trout of 1lb +